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Some of my PCP Affiliate Links that I want to Share

If you live in Southwestern Illinois and you drive a truck and a trailor, and have a zero turn, weed whacker, blower, or some fancier tools; then you may know that this time of year the crunch is on!  And competition is fierce.  Everyone want's that dollar.  It's not so different in the pest industry!  Last year I had a decent partial season, but this year has been not so good.  

When you start out a new business you research all the sucessful ways to get started, and marketing is my big project.  So for visitors that don't already know some of these orginizations I'm hoping that these links will put you in touch with the best DIY or helpful information to educate you more on your own issues.

I hope you are finding my blogs helpful!  My new branching out to gain affiliates is two fold.  Number One:  I want you to have access to national information from professionals all over.  Much more than any one person could provide.

And Number Two:  I want my surrounding community to notice that I am a permanant figure in the community for pest control prevention.  I want to ensure you that I am not going to over promise a service that I cannot provide.  I am a solo owner/operator that is seeking a quality, working relationship with my clients, both residential and commercial.  So with that in mind I want to post these links for now.  

I am in the works of getting live updates from these national publishers.  I hope to have good news in the coming weeks.  Thank you!

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