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Bringing Reliable Pest Solutions to Your Midwestern Home

Hello there, I'm here as your local pest problem solver at JM Pest Solutions. If you're dealing with unwanted critters in your cozy Belleville residence or your charming Alton storefront, I've got the expertise to handle it. Covering a whole bunch of towns and spots across St Clair County, Illinois, and nearby areas, let's dive into how I can help you out.


Keeping Pests in Check:
You know the deal – those pesky ants, sneaky spiders, and bold cockroaches. They might think they're moving in, but I've got other plans. Whether you're in Swansea or Shiloh, I'm your go-to for pest control that's tailored to your space. Homes or businesses, I've got you covered.

No More Unwanted Guests:
Rats, mice, and their rodent buddies might think they can set up camp, but we've got other plans. From Maryville to New Athens, count on me to give those critters the boot. Your place deserves to be rodent-free, and I'm on the case.

Taking on Mosquitoes:
Fairview Heights or Cahokia Heights, mosquitoes don't stand a chance. Those pesky bloodsuckers won't ruin your outdoor fun on my watch. I've got treatments that make your space a mosquito-free zone, so you can enjoy the Midwest breeze without the buzz.

Bedbug Battles:

Whether you're in Granite City or Hecker, I get it – bedbugs are a real nightmare. But fear not, I've got the know-how to evict those unwelcome bedfellows. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to some well-deserved rest.

Guarding Against Termites:
O'Fallon, Mascoutah, or even cozy New Baden – no place is off-limits for those pesky termites. That's why my thorough termite inspections are here to save the day. Let's keep those wood-chomping critters far away from your space.

Defending with Termite Bait:
Alton, Edwardsville, or Troy, termites won't stand a chance against my bait stations. We're talking proactive protection here, making sure your property stays strong and termite-free. Let's keep your place safe and sound.

Sealing the Entry:
From Millstadt to Collinsville, I'm all about keeping your place critter-proof. Those pests won't find their way in, not on my watch. Let's seal up those entry points and keep your home cozy and pest-free.

So, there you have it – JM Pest Solutions is your local pest expert, right here in the heart of the Midwest. From battling bedbugs to kicking out rodents, I'm all about helping you enjoy a home that's free from those pesky intruders. Let's work together to make your space the haven you deserve.

What Our Customers Say

T. Owens

Very professional and thorough. I had moles tearing up my yard. JM Pest Solutions performed weekly inspections until all signed of moles were cleared.

Lisa M.

We utilized JM Pest solutions for mole removal in our yard. He was responsive to our needs and came back to check the traps he set more frequently then the other services we have used in the past.
Would definitely recommend!

B. Langel

I asked for help dealing with a couple moles in my back yard. Unlike a different company I hired a few years ago, he got results! Mike was always easy to reach if I had questions, and I would absolutely recommend him in the future.

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