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JM Outdoor Pest Program

At JM Pest Solutions LLC, I offer a range of pest control programs to meet your needs. The mole and gopher trapping services come with the option to add a lawn treatment for added protection, so you can choose from JM Mole Guard or JM Mole Guard Plus.

In addition to the mole and gopher program, there are also programs for mosquitoes, stinging insects, flies, flea, and tick treatments. You can find more information on these programs from the main menu links.

It's important to note that most active outdoor pest seasons typically start in mid-February or early March and can last until November or December. For untreated areas with high pest activity, I recommend a six-month initial period with three total applications every other month. After that, I suggest a 90-day application. However, the frequency of applications may vary depending on the target pest, infestation rate, and environment.

With JM Pest Solutions programs, you can rest assured that your outdoor spaces are protected from pests all year round. Whether you're dealing with moles, gophers, mosquitoes, stinging insects, or other pests, JM Pest Solutions LLC has you covered. Contact me today to learn more about the pest control programs and get started with reliable and effective pest control in Belleville IL.

Program Bullets

  • One time or on-going treatments.

  • Trap checks at no charge.

  • Basic mole and "Guard Plus" available.

  • IGR used in liquid or granule applications to break the life cycle of common outdoor pests.

  • Safety literature always supplied and advised for children and pets.

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